Welcome to the CDI Torque Products Factory Service Center. CDI is a brand of Snap-on Incorporated, and the leading U.S. based manufacturer of torque wrenches and torque calibration equipment that has been ISO 9001 certified since 1998. Mechanical torque tools and electronic torque equipment are designed, manufactured and serviced in our City of Industry (Los Angeles), California facility. The CDI Factory Service center repairs and calibrates with N.I.S.T. (National Institute of Standards and Technology) traceable calibration equipment, and CDI Torque Products meet or exceed ASME and ISO standards. Rely on the CDI Torque Products Factory Service Center to do the job right.

About CDI Factory Service Center (FSC) repairs: the FSC performs repairs for CDI and Snap-on products under warranty, and Flat Rate repairs for products outside of warranty, as well as performing calibration service.

FSC Flat Rate Repair and Calibration service includes replacement of parts worn or damaged under normal use* deemed necessary by the FSC to restore the torque tool to proper operating performance, and calibration to ASME or better accuracy specifications appropriate to that specific torque tool.

FSC Flat Rate Repair, Calibration and Certification also includes a calibration certificate documenting tool accuracy per ASME.

Warranty Repairs: If the product is being returned under warranty, the FSC will “authorize” (but not charge) your credit card for the appropriate Flat Rate repair charge upon order placement, as it also does for non-warranty repair orders. Upon receipt of the tool and confirmation by the FSC that the tool is within warranty, no charge will be placed on your credit card for the warranty work performed, and return shipping by regular ground transport will be paid by CDI.

* Normal use parts may not include parts or repairs for products that have been abused or severely damaged, such as replacing bent or damaged main tubes, handles or other major components, as determined by the FSC.