Frequently Asked Questions
1. What does the CDI FSC Flat Rate Repair cover?
CDI FSC Flat Rate Repair pricing consists of returning the tool to the manufacturer’s original specifications and ASME accuracy standards or better, repairing or replacing defective parts when necessary, and performing hardware or firmware modifications if required. It also includes domestic ground shipment of the product back to you.
2. Who pays for shipment to the repair facility?
Shipping of product/s to the CDI FSC is customer’s responsibility.
3. What happens if the repair cannot be covered by the CDI FSC Flat Rate?
You will be contacted if any repair is more than the flat rate price.
4. Are the Service Policy and Repair Rates fixed?
Service policy and repair rates are subject to change without notice.
5. What about repairing products outside the US?
Rates are shown in U.S. dollars and apply to service in the U.S. only. If outside of the U.S., contact……
6. I have an older tool needing repair - will this be upgraded during the repair process?
We reserve the right to make changes and improvements to our products from time to time without incurring the obligation to install such improvements or changes on tools or equipment previously manufactured.
7. What is the warranty on a repaired item?
Repairs have a 90 day warranty. If the product sent to us is still under its original warranty, then the new warranty is 90 days or to the end of the original warranty, depending on which is longer. Tools are warranted to be in calibration when manufactured or repaired, but calibration is not warranted after first use.
8. My tool is still under warranty - is there anything specific I need to do when returning it for repair?
If service is requested under warranty, a copy of the original purchase receipt showing first date of purchase, must be included with the tool.
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9. How should I ship my tool back to the CDI FSC repair facility?
Torque wrenches and other related equipment are precision instruments. Please pack and package all products securely and carefully to prevent damage in shipping.
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